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From: Dan Wright <>
Date: Mon Oct 4 15:27:16 2004

On Monday 04 October 2004 14:58, John Foust wrote:
> The point of RAID is to save your data when a drive fails.
> If the logic board goes, or especially the motor fails,
> you're out of luck.

True, but those failure modes are much less common the a media failure or head

That brings me to another point, though -- if you had 2 seperate disks in the
same enclosure, with no environmental isolation between them, you'd likely
kill both disks with a head crash on either one. A head crash in a modern
high-speed drive tends to throw a lot of pulverized platter and head bits
around inside the disk, damaging the other platters that may not have been
involved in the actual crash. So I think you'd need to isolate the sections
from each other with some kind of airtight (or at least
really-small-bits-of-metal tight) seal; probably doable, but would take up
more room that you're pretty low on already.

That sure would make an interesting drive :) If it could be pulled off cheap
enough, it would be well worth it, too.

> - John

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