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From: Rob O'Donnell <>
Date: Tue Oct 5 06:46:06 2004

At 06:18 05/10/2004, Fred Cisin wrote:

>On Mon, 4 Oct 2004, Ron Hudson wrote:
> > Wasn't there a device at one time that had 5 1.44mb floppies raided to
> > form a 5m drive?
>The Amlyn drive had a cartridge holding 5 1.2M 5.25" floppies,
>that could be accessed one at a time, or as if it were a 6M disk
>(physically only one disk was loaded at a time). But although it
>could span disks, it did not use any reasonable "RAID" method.

I have two here (in Salford, UK), and an IBM XT, I rescued from eBay (for
?5.00) which I would like to pass on to anybody who can use them. (I did
have some interest before, but have not heard back from the person
concerned. I suspect shipping was going to be too much.)

>The diskettes had a couple of extra notches cut into them,
>but were otherwise normal 600 Oersted diskettes.
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