FW: DecTape & LincTape.

From: Gerold Pauler <gerold.pauler_at_gmx.net>
Date: Tue Oct 5 11:31:40 2004

Yes even on the pdp8 DECtape marks are 6 bits (6 lines) although a 12
bit word
only takes 4 lines (12 / 3). The mark tracks however are only used while
(positioning tape) and with the td8e controller they are checked on
every SLF
(single line flag) event. While reading data the software only checks
for QLF
(quad line flag) events.

Although I reengineered it for my td8e simulator Bob Supnik now has the
documentation in the simh sources.

There is an old thread about the same subject (back in 2003?) where Al
states that the LINCtape and DECtape drives are physically the same.
And I believe to remember that some guys used DECtapes on pdp8s to
read and write LINCtapes - never done it myself.

Gerold (pdp8.de)

Paul Koning wrote:

>Are the DECtape marks 6 bits even on the PDP-8? That would be
>strange, it would mean there would be two mark words per 3 data words.
> paul
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