Syntertek & Rockwell

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Tue Oct 5 13:08:09 2004

Hi Richard
 I was just looking for Synertek stuff and came
across your page on the R65 and SYM-1. I noticed
that you had the manual for PL/65. I'd been looking
for this info for some time. I have the PROMs but
didn't have the manual.
 I think I have the Rockwell manual for the Forth.
I'm not setup to scan stuff but maybe we can setup
someway to get them scanned. I live in Santa Cruz
 I've been getting a floppy disk interface up and
running for the SYM-1. It is a slow project that I've
been fiddling with for some time. I have one of
the PerSYMone ( I think that is the right spelling )
FDC-1 cards that is intended to work with the SYM-1
monitor ROM.
 The card I had came from Synertek and had all the
socketed parts removed. I've been collecting the
various pieces needed to get it running. I located
a dump of the original ROM and also a modified DOS
that can be used as well. I've been having problems
finding a DP8303 bidi-bus buffer but I think I can
work around that.
 I disassembled the code on the ROM and figured out
what the address decoder PROM needed ( a 82S129 ).
I'm at the point now that I just need to connect up
a bunch of stuff ( powersupply, KTM-2, SYM-1, FDC-1
and floppy drive ) to try it out.
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