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From: emanuel stiebler <>
Date: Tue Oct 5 14:06:33 2004

Stan Barr wrote:
>>Hmm limit usable area to 8"x10" = 80 sq in. 600 dpi = 48mb per page.
>>One way to strike a blow
>>against the paperless office.
> I remember reading about a system like that, wrote data as a pattern of
> dots on a laser printer and read using a primitive scanner (it was a
> while ago and definitely on-topic). Developed by someone in Germany
> I think. A query in various newsgroups a while back turned up no info.

A german computer magazine published the listings this way.
(I think it was the "mc"). You scanned the page in, and there was a
software downloadable, which made same "meaningfull" files out of this.
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