In search of... DECtape drives

From: Chris Muller <>
Date: Tue Oct 5 14:58:36 2004

Frankly this is a somewhat bogus message, since I've already talked to Brad,

Just thought I'd "officially" reply on the listserve that we at do lots of different tapes and logical formats, so keep
us in mind.


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Paul Koning wrote:
>On the other hand, he or one of his friends once put some pants in the
>laundry, only to discover afterwards that one of them had a DECtape in
>the pocket. That tape still worked just fine afterwards.

huh. I've taken to 'baking' old tapes these days but I never concidered
washing them with my pants.

on a more serious note:

Anyone on the boston or mass/nh/ct area have a working 9-track drive
which can read 800bpi tapes?

I can read 1600's fine but not 800's :-(

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