Can anyone read a 360K 5.25" NON-IBM floppy for me?

From: Marvin Johnston <>
Date: Tue Oct 5 17:07:29 2004

I have "several" MS-DOS machines with 5 1/4" floppy drives that would
probably do the job, and most versions of DOS from 1.1 on up through
6.22. I'll be down in LA this Saturday (Fullerton) and could bring a
machine, or we could meet and I could get the floppies, or ... :). Or
you could mail them up here (Santa Barbara), and I could retrieve the
text files. Let me know if you still need help with this.


> From: Tom Jennings <>

> I've got a few (meaning, one or two) old floppies of mine that
> I found, and hope are still readable, one with the sole copy
> I know of of an 8086 ROM monitor debugger I used to bring up
> a lot of machines with.
> It's stored on a 360K 9-sector/track standard-formatted MSDOS
> diskette with the right fatID and all that, but it does NOT
> contain the IBM formatted crap in the boot sector that many
> PCDOS implementations require.
> Meaning, it will read fine (assuming it's still good) on MSDOS
> but probably not PCDOS. (On PCDOS diskettes like this generate
> something like "unformatted" error, Retry Ignore Abort.)
> If anyone with such a capability could slurp off the source
> (text) files and simply email them to me, and toss the original
> media, I'd appreciate it. I'm in Los Angeles, but anywhere in
> North America would be cheap postage.
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