ASR-33 Teletype Available

From: Christopher McNabb <>
Date: Tue Oct 5 19:27:26 2004

My lovely spouse has finally laid down the law on the computer
collection. I've pondered for weeks the best way to move the stuff
out, and I think I've settled on a silent auction here on the classic
comp mailing list. This will (hopefully) keep it out of the hands of
scrappers and intact, since most of it still works, and I'm not really
looking for Ebay prices, just a new home and maybe my investment back.

So here is the deal. I'll accept bids for one week after an item is
posted. I'd prefer the winner pick the item up, but I can deliver
anywhere within about a 700 mile radius of Blacksburg, VA. Elsewhere
we'll have to work out once we know the final destination.

So, without further delay, here is the first thing - a nice *WORKING
with no missing pieces* ASR-33 teletype.

A picture is at and
I'll throw in a whole slew of unpunched papertape and unprinted paper.

Bids and questions should be emailed to any bids
sent to the list will be ignored. The teletype listing will end on 12
October, 2004.
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