DEC RM05 mountings

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Wed Oct 6 08:46:46 2004

On Wed, 2004-10-06 at 09:07 -0400, Paul Koning wrote:
> Sounds like Massbus connectors...
> But the docs on (pdf/dec/disc/RM05) clearly show a
> separate "adapter" cabinet. My memory isn't good enough to comment
> further.;

aha, well it was my fault (well, I'd been fed wrong information as I was
told they were RM05's, plus I'm a DEC novice :-)

They're actually RM03 units, not RM05 - the RM03's don't have the
seperate cab and have the relevant guts inside the cabinets beneath the
drives. Thanks to Mike C. for realising that :-)

So we're not missing a cab after all. That means there's only a little
bit of trim and two door hinges to find and we've got a complete system

Still don't know how the darn drive units mount though. I'll be able to
have a proper flick through some of the pdf files when Adobe's viewer
finishes downloading though.

> Jules> ps. every Linux pdf viewer I can find takes an age to flip
> Jules> between pages when looking at docs the size of the ones on
> Jules> bitsavers - to the point that it makes casual reading
> Jules> completely impossible :-(
> I noticed that too. Get Adobe's Acrobat Reader for Linux.

Will do. 8MB download for a PDF viewer though - ouch! Odd that they have
one version for Linux, yet list different downloads for every version of
Windows; I'm surprised that there isn't a 'one version fits all' version
for Windows as there apparently is for Linux.


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