Acrobat grrr (was: Re: DEC RM05 mountings)

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Wed Oct 6 10:28:34 2004

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          Jules Richardson <> wrote:

> Word of warning - the current version (5.0.9) installer is somewhat
> broken. When run, it chmods /tmp to 755, changes ownership to an id in
> the ten thousand range, and changes group to users. Consequently other
> things on the machine get upset rather quickly when they can't write
> to /tmp.
> So that's nice of it.

Methinks someone needs to perform the Clue Induction Ritual on Adobe's Linux
AcroRead developer team... Make sure to do it properly - with the Book of
Clue and a Clue-by-four.

As far as brain damaged code goes, I've just spent a good chunk of the
afternoon trying to figure out why my Panasonic Toughbook was ignoring the
Hibernation partition. Seems the BIOS only checks the partition pointed to
by the second entry in the partition table. If it ain't a hibernation
partition, the BIOS assumes there isn't one. Took a good hour (and about half
a dozen repartition/reformat cycles) to figure that one out.
I also learned that DOS FDISK is totally brain-damaged. I ended up digging
out a copy of Ranish Partition Manager and repartitioning the drive manually.

> I only noticed after I'd tried to get the reader to work post-install;
> at first I thought it was the reader doing it, but turns out it's their
> installation script. How that one slipped through their testing I'm not
> sure!

"Hang on a minute - the installer's clobbering the /tmp directory!"
"Aww, leave it. We're already late for the company picnic, just release it as
it is"


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