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From: John Foust <>
Date: Thu Oct 7 02:17:22 2004

At 04:25 PM 10/5/2004, ben franchuk wrote:
>BYTE magizine years ago had a printed media format at one time.
>you may want to check on what they did. BYTE also had something
>once on a very low cost write only media, I wonder what happend to

This list discussed Cauzin and other interesting 2D barcode
technologies back in November and December 1998, if you want
to look in the archives. was also

I saw something in the NY Times today about software in cellular phones
that recognizes a new circular barcode that encodes a URL
(and given the example, it looked like it used a "tiny URL"
scheme to map a low-density number to a longer URL kept
in a server's database.)

- John
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