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From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Thu Oct 7 05:12:35 2004

As is traditional, the vagaries of the universe conspired to take down my
web server right after I released the latest issue of the VCF Gazette.

It's funny how you'll be up all night working on something major, and you
think, "I should back this up." But then you're so tired you decide to do
it in the morning. Then the next day your server goes down and you have
no idea why. Ugh.

Anyway, in this case it turned out to be a case of the server wanting to
have fsck run manually and so it never rebooted after some power glitch.
Fortunately, nothing was too out of whack: a few lost inodes and some
confused chains and other nonsense. I've now moved my server back to
within my own confines and have backed it up, plus I'm finishing up on a
new (faster!) web server, which will eventually have a lot of storage and
I hope to mirror some of the fine repositories on the web.

Anyway, if you tried to contact me since Tuesday and I have not responded,
this is why. I will be catching up and replying by later today.

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