now there's a good head crash

From: Bob Shannon <>
Date: Thu Oct 7 18:24:24 2004

7.62 x 39 may, or may not penetrate a laptop, depending on what it hits

I used to get to 'destroy' NEC portable product prototypes. Often visiting
Japaneese engineers would get great joy out of taking some old, troublsome
prototypes to a range and dispatching them with small arms fire.

Great fun, so long as you remove the nasty bits first (batteries, etc.). Of
you need to clean up the range carefully when your done and all....

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> > It has been my experience that just a crappy PC harddrive will stop a
> > .45 ACP. They don't do so well against a 7.62x54R, though.
> I believe my Mosin-Nagant uses 7.62x54. I'll have to try that out (digging
> for a PC hard drive). My chinese SKS uses the lesser 7.62x39 - but with a
> shot bananna clip, you can produce a constant hammering effect *GRIN*
> Jay
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