OT Re: now there's a good head crash

From: Bob Shannon <bshannon_at_tiac.net>
Date: Thu Oct 7 18:31:16 2004

Be careful with high velocity rounds against pins, I've seen shots come
back at you.

Bowling pin shooters (its a handgun sport) use flat-pointed, heavy rounds to
'smack' the pins back off the table. I can't reccomend any FMJ round for
sport, use a soft-point round (like the Wolf 7.62 x 39) if you must use a
for a handgun sport!

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> > We hang the holed platters into mobiles.
> My favorite thing to shoot at is bowling ball pins. Most things I shoot at
> with my SKS don't hold up well after a few clips are emptied into it; they
> tend to disintegrate and fall apart. But I bought a case of used bowling
> ball pins.....
> Because of the semiflexible (and thick) plastic coating around the wooden
> pin, they tend to stay intact even after many clips have been emptied into
> them. MOST fun is to install an eyebolt into the top of the pin and hang
> on a wire stretched horizontally between two trees. Then you truely have
> carnival midway effect of hitting the pin and it spins around on the wire.
> Loads of fun :)
> Jay West
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