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From: Jos Dreesen <>
Date: Fri Oct 8 00:52:10 2004

Am donderdag, 07.10.04, um 22:18 Uhr (Europe/Zurich) schrieb Gene

>> There were discussions on the list years ago about programs being
>> sent out
>> over the radio as in the UK so you would plug your radio output into
>> your
>> computer's cassette input to receive the program: mass software
>> distribution!
> This was also done on Sunday afternoons in the mid 80's by a local rock
> station, KZOK in Seattle, WA. The broadcast was 300 baud and you just
> hooked your modem to your radio.

A scheme, using data buried into the video signal was used in Germany.
During theTV broadcast you could see the data as white stripes in the
upper left corner.
A small circuit was used to filter out the data and feed it into the
RS232 port.
I do not remember the exact name of the scheme , German readers can
probably expand on this.

Needless to say that only computer related broadcasts used this

Another deadend : Elektor magazine used singles (45 rpm vinyl records)
to distribute software for their SC/MP system..

                                        Jos Dreesen
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