now there's a good head crash

From: Gordon JC Pearce <>
Date: Fri Oct 8 05:00:41 2004

>>On Tue, 5 Oct 2004, Jules Richardson wrote:
>>>Modern head crashes are boring though. It's no good unless platters
>>>physically explode :-) If only they could catch fire, too. There just
>>>aren't enough modern-day computing war stories around...
>>DAMN RIGHT! Crappy PC/Mac hardware with stupid power cubes! At
>>least CRTs can give you a shock, these wimpy laptop things
>>barely hurt when used as bludgeons.

Now, you don't have many of these over in the US, but in the UK and
Europe we have those lovely old Citroens with the hydraulic suspension
(Rolls-Royce use a cheap and crappy copy of it for their own cars).

I have some dead CD-ROM drives lying about, that are about the same
height as the gap between the ground and the chassis longeron on
not-quite-full-height (you can adjust the ground clearance with a
control inside the car), and full height (for jacking it up) gives
enough space to fit a CD-ROM with a couple of bits of wooden packing (to
protect the underseal).

So, to reiterate, with the suspension fully pressurised (no travel,
everything on the upper stop) the ground clearance is around 10", with
the suspension fully depressurised it's around 2". Will a CD-ROM
support 2000kg of car?

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