URGENT - DEC 11/83 (?) needs to be picked up this weekend (10 /9)

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Fri Oct 8 13:14:41 2004

On Oct 8 2004, 16:44, Gooijen H wrote:
> Correct.
> I have an 11/84 in 10.5" box (console at the right-hand side)
> and one 11/83 in 5.25" box (console in the middle of the front).
> The original poster is maybe not so "DEC-aware", but then again,
> I often doubt my DEC knowledge too.
> How much difference is obvious in just a glance at an 11/73 and
> an 11/83?

Without looking at the boards, it's impossible to tell for certain.
 Some 11/73s were upgraded without changing the badges on the front.
 *Usually* a microPDP-11/73 is in a BA23 and a microPDP-11/83 is in a
BA123, but not always. The real difference is in the use of normal
QBus versus PMI memory; that makes more difference to the speed than
just about anything else. Originally, an 11/73 would have had a 15MHz
KDJ11 and an 11/83 would have been 18MHz, so they'd have had slightly
different suffixes on the M-numbers, and they'd have slightly different
boot ROMs, but any of these things may have been changed. What an OS
goes by is whether the memory is PMI or not.

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