Storage Hazards

From: Marvin Johnston <>
Date: Fri Oct 8 14:03:42 2004

In rummaging through classic computer stuff I haven't seen in a while, I
saw several things that are definitely a problem. What other things need
to be added to the list for collectors to watch out for?

* Leaky nicad batteries that will "eat" the circuit board traces
The early computers that come quickly to mind are the TRS-100, Lobo
Drives Max 80, NEC 8201A, 286 and later motherboards, and S-100
CompuWatch Clock/Calendar boards. Any others that should be added to
this list?

* Subterranean termites (eating manuals and other cardboard/paper
Fortunately, they had only mostly started on the cardboard boxes, and
only damaged some of the manuals. I'm thinking that keeping the manuals
in ziplock bags might be a good idea for any manuals that need to be
packed away. This would also protect them from moisture if the boxes got

* Leaky storage areas leading to equipment and documentation being
I've had quite a few books and manuals that had to be thrown away
(nothing really rare, hard to come by, or valuable) due to a leaky roof
where they were being stored.
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