Storage Hazards

From: Gooijen H <>
Date: Fri Oct 8 16:33:22 2004

Jules wrote:
Toner consists of hars, pigment and iron particles. In a photocopier
the combination of temperature and pressure "prints" the toner onto
the (paper) sheet.
Your copies get a little sticky at warmer days, and the pressure inside
the binder is doing the rest.

I guess that you are right when you say that *any* batteries cause
corrosion over time. I never saw batteries made of *one* piece of metal
enclosure. There must be some opening in that case to get the two poles
(as wires) to the outside world. Et voil?: there you have the weak spot
that eventually will cause a leak!
BTW an other place toi check for leaky batteries are DECstations and
VAXstations (or ...servers). They also have a NiCad (!!!!) "on board".

- Henk, PA8PDP

; Be careful with laser-printed documentation in ring binders too; the
; text has a habit of sticking to the underside of the binder's cover for
; some reason - stick a blank sheet of paper in there to protect it.
; > * Leaky nicad batteries that will "eat" the circuit board traces
; > The early computers that come quickly to mind are the TRS-100, Lobo
; > Drives Max 80, NEC 8201A, 286 and later motherboards, and S-100
; > CompuWatch Clock/Calendar boards. Any others that should be added to
; > this list?
; Won't *any* batteries cause corrosion over time? E.g. anything in
; pocket calculators etc.
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