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From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Fri Oct 8 17:08:09 2004

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>>>>>> Won't *any* batteries cause corrosion over time? E.g. anything in pocket
>calculators etc.
>I agree. Recently I went to use my Palm III, and it wouldn't turn on. So I
>opened the battery cover to change them, and to my surprise, the dual AAAs were
>badly melted.
>Speaking of which... LOL, can someone suggest a way to CLEAN battery acid? Is
>my PDA salvageable?

 Pinball machines often have this problem. Cleaning with
just soap and water is not enough. Most current day batteries
use an alkaline electrolyte. This will continue to do damage
unless neutralized. On boards for pinball machine, using
vinegar seems to do the trick. We first soak the board in
a bath of 50% white distilled vinegar for several hours and
then use a stiff brush to remove as much of the corrosion
deposits as one can. Do note that you may need to remove
things like dip switches, relays and keypad covers (
think in terms of where water can hide ). Also, any
socket that is even slightly suspect will need to be replaced.
After the soak, use a water hose and spray rinse the board
well. Shake of excess water and rinse again. Dry quickly
in a warm place. I often set them in the sun but for winter
drying, an oven set to about 140-150F works well. Use
a cookie pan or piece of foil to block direct heat radiation
from the heating elements ( not a problem in convection
ovens. Also don't even think of using a microwave! ).
 Any trace that is rotted through will need to be replaced.
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