Storage Hazards

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Fri Oct 8 17:54:03 2004

> Speaking of which... LOL, can someone suggest a way to CLEAN battery acid? Is
> my PDA salvageable?

If these were 'alkaline' batteries, like Duracell, then the electrolyte,
not suprisingly, is alkaline, and you need an acid to clean it up and
neutralise it. Try a dilute solution of citric acid.

Of course, if PCB traces are corroded/open, you'll then have to fix those.

Another machine that suffeers -- baddly -- from battery corrosion is the
Whitechapel MG1. There are 5 AA NiCds on the power distribution PCB, if
they leak, they will corrode the connector between that PCB and the
mainboard, if not the mainboard itself.

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