Storage Hazards

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Fri Oct 8 17:59:56 2004

> While all of that is true, there's an additional thing going on there...
> Toner has an affinity for adhering to certain materials - one is the vinyl
> that 3-ring binders are clad with, the other is toner itself.
> It takes much longer for double-sided copies to stick to themselves, but
> under a variety of storage conditions, it does happen. Sticking to binder
> covers is much quicker, and as someone else here pointed out, ensuring there
> is a blank page at the front and back goes a long way to preventing problems.

Rymans (a major UK stationery shop chain) sell cardboard-cover A4
binders. I've never had photocopied/laser-printed sheets stick to those.

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