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From: Stan Barr <>
Date: Sat Oct 9 02:59:25 2004

Hi, (Tony Duell) said:

> Interesting thing : The page number is a 3 digit BCD number, but nowhere
> in the hardware are the invald BCD nybbles (1010..1111) ever prohibited.
> Pages with such numbers can't be selected on a normal TV, but can be
> decoded and displayed by a computer-controller teletext decoder. And such
> pagesd certainly exist...

On my tv one of the Welsh channels (S4C, I think) shows page numbers like
14A 1E5 etc as it's counting when searching for a page. I've not been able
to get any of the pages to display even by entering 149 and pressing "up"
to see if it counts in hex :-)

Stan Barr
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