Onyx C8002 News: Boards pictures

From: Pierre Gebhardt <cheri-post_at_web.de>
Date: Sat Oct 9 10:12:53 2004

Hi all,

finally, I've had some time and a new scanner to scan in the boards.
Somebody asked me to do so several months ago.

There are scans of one of the two memory boards, the peripherals board
and the CPU board.

Problem is, that I haven't got a website to put them on.
Six pictures are available, size is 500kb - 800kb. They're big, I know,
but everything can be seen, including the inscriptions of the chips.
If anybody wants them, I can send them via email.

Better would be a place to put them online for a week or so. Maybe
a kind person could help me ?

It would be great if someone who owns a C8000/c8002 could check out the
DIP switch settings of the boards. I'm not sure if they're ok.
Remeber, my C8002 doesn't work, I'm trying to fix it.

Have a nice weekend


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