shipping from USA to UK

From: Nico de Jong <>
Date: Sun Oct 10 06:02:54 2004

From: "Pete Turnbull"
> I have the prospect of buying something very cheaply in the States, but
> which would be expensive here in the UK. Unfortunately, it weighs too
> much for normal UPS -- about 80lb. FedEx want over $300 to ship it.

You can talk to just about any international shipper, like Transgroup,
The difference between UPS etc. and Transgroup and the likes, is that
Transgroup (and many others) consolidate shipments. This means, that they
throw everything in containes, and _then_ ship the filled container. I've
had some shipments from the US, and a rule of thumb is that consolidated
shipments are about 1/3 of the "full service" price. You must however accept
a slower service, for good reasons. A week transit time from the US to the
UK can be expected.


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