classiccmp server hardware

From: Jay West <>
Date: Sun Oct 10 13:50:34 2004

> Curious.
> This is an Email service of about
> 400K/day, or 6 years/Gig. A relatively puny
> load for such a server. Why such a need then?

I'm confused.... are you referring to the cpu, or disk space?

First, mailman does take a decent chunk of cpu power, mostly due to the
process of automatically maintaining the archives. Any mailing process is
also rather disk intensive, as sendmail can be set to queue all mail first
before delivery. One doesn't have to set sendmail up this way, but doing so
allows other optimizations to be done such as grouping mails to the same
target domain, etc.

Then remember that the classiccmp server does a lot more than just handle
the mailing list. There's quite a large amount of mirrored data (bitsavers
for example), and some 25 or so classic computer related websites, many of
which are non-trivial. MySQL is also present, as is PHP.

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