HP table cloth!!!!! the software....

From: ed sharpe <esharpe_at_uswest.net>
Date: Sun Oct 10 14:21:20 2004

here is some of the software so far...

found my HP-01 watch calculator manual ( why was it in this box?)

weird there is apple II software here never had one in the old days but am
looking for one for the museum so... that is good!

HP series 100 contributed library a few discs.
HP lotus 123 system disc.

HP 120/125 operating system discs. ( cpm)

HP demo discs for demoing various plotters and printers from a pc

HP demo discs for demoing hp peripherals on apple II's

set of hp news network communications package.... this is an interesting
piece of history. it was for keeping the HP Pc dealers connected with hp
in the pre- internet era.

a bunch of discs that I can barely read the writing on... must have been in
a hurry when wring the labels!

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found the giant HP table Cloth....
now have to go though the crate of HP software that turned up. think it may
be mainly 110.150/vectra.

more later....
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