LF: DEC VAX 4000/xxx

From: Ken Campbell <kcampbell_at_idokorro.com>
Date: Sun Oct 10 17:39:41 2004

Greets all,


I?m looking to acquire my first VAX system. I?m a youngin? who?s been cutting his teeth on OpenVMS through HP?s TestDrive program, and would like to have a box of my own.


I?d really like to track down a VAX 4000 unit, preferably a /300 or higher. I?m not too picky about internals, I just need something to get started on (hardware collecting wise).


I?m located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, so I?d be looking for a unit located in Eastern USA or Eastern Canada (yes, I know shipping a BA440 will cost me a bit) and someone willing to bubblewrap it :)


If I?m being insane, hoping to have a 120lbs unit shipped, let me know.. Should I be just looking for the cards / drives separately, and try to find the case locally instead?



Ken Campbell
kcampbell at HYPERLINK "mailto:kcampbell_at_idokorro.com"idokorro.com


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