DEC W940 wire-wrap board

From: William Maddox <>
Date: Mon Oct 11 04:50:26 2004

A guy on Ebay seems to have a supply of these. The are labelled
"Intercon", but it is clear that they OEMed the boards from DEC and
ground off the DEC markings. These do *not* have sockets -- you
either solder in the chips or your own sockets, maximum 16-pin DIP,
50 parts. Bypass caps are pre-installed at all positions.

He's also got the the smaller double-height boards. I bought a few
of these, and they look OK, although the pins are *not* gold plated
and are less than perfectly pristine. The seller seemed a bit
disorganized, and I had to send an inquiry after waiting a month with
no shipment, though I got an apology and a free extra board for my
eBay item 3840658718 (Ends Oct-16-04 22:25:26 PDT) - Large Wire Wrap
Board Pluggable for DIP IC Prototypes
eBay item 3840659420 (Ends Oct-16-04 22:33:35 PDT) - Wire Wrap Board
Pluggable for DIP IC Prototypes

There is also another board that looks like it is intended for some
flavor of DG Nova. You can't see the chips in the photo, but half of
the board is already populated.
eBay item 3840658716 (Ends Oct-16-04 22:25:24 PDT) - Huge Wire Wrap
Board Pluggable for DIP IC Prototypes
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