classiccmp server hardware

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Mon Oct 11 20:50:03 2004

On Mon, 11 Oct 2004, Jay West wrote:

> Everyone who is talking about "software raid is ok because I've used it
> without trouble"... that's a pretty insufficient argument. Kinda like someone
> saying "Oh, you can format double density floppies to single density and it
> works great because I did it". B.S. - a little education and you'd see why
> it's precarious. I've seen people who argue about that because they have
> "proof it works fine". Just wait till a few months go by and their data
> doesn't appear anymore :) Not that software raid doesn't work, it does, and
> quite well. But all I'm saying is a better argument might sway me. That one
> doesn't.

Well it's your box, and your decision, but I don't see why
RAID drivers are any more suspect than another software driver.

I don't however understand why criticizing it on the number
of likely overlapping I/O transfers is valid. There's far more
complex software in there already.

In fact I think that RAID is a waste of time and money and
complexity; you can get a lot of inexpensive, simple and reliable
performance by using one EIDE per drive (with CDROM a slave on
any) and "big" drive(s) chosen to be right at the beginnign of
the steep-price knee. Split archives and lists onto drives/mount
points, your oldest drive as OS, one of (two?) new, big drives
rsync -ua one to the other for "mirror", etc. Cheap, simple,
fast, easy, changable later, etc.

If you've got a 100Mbit ether, it's unlikely it will exceed
the disk or OS speed.

I'll let others have the last word on this.
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