classiccmp server hardware

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Tue Oct 12 15:37:19 2004

>>> Tom Jennings wrote:
>>> But the very top of the pile of reasons for data loss is human error,
>>> and a simple "recent copy" solves 99% of that.

Unless of course, the error is not detected until the next overwrite. I
typically handle 5-10 "disaster recovery" situations a year where the client
has backup procedures in place. If you exclude crash type failures [system
running fine then dead], and just look at the "I lost some information that
I need back", the backups are almost always worthless since they rotated
through the entire set since the problem acctually occurred.

Assuming an "rsync" approach is usedl, there would presummable be only one
set. At a minimum, I like to see a pyrimad set that is either a daily binary
progression, or at least a calendar unit pyrimid.

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