From: Gene Buckle <>
Date: Tue Oct 12 16:12:41 2004

> There were VAXBI SCSI cards available at one time, but I have never
> used one, and I can't recall the vendor's name. My recollection was
> that MSRP was $10K for either MSCP _or_ TMSCP, $20K for the firmware
> that did both.
I've since been told it has DSSI and some kind of SCSI adapter, so it
looks like I'll be able to use SCSI drives with it. It only has 384MB of
RAM so if I get it I'll want to bump that up if I can get it cheap. Will
VMS 5.2 work on it? That's the newest version I have (on TK50 tapes I

> I _think_ they were never popular because people typically had a cluster
> and HSC storage boxes or locally attached disk on a KDB50 (my 8200 came
> (to my employer) used in 1989 for about $12K w/KDB50 and we threw on an
> old RA81).
The 8250 I had I bought from Mannesman-Tally here in Kent. $500 and I had
to de-install it myself. It was a fun machine. I had no business putting
it in the upstairs of my house though. Especially with four RA81s.

> Last thing I did to it was try to get either a DEBNI or DEBNT working.
> No dice. It was enough months ago that I forget what was up.

This machine does have a DEBNA(?) ethernet card in it, so if I get it, at
least I can put it on the net for others to play with. :)


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