From: Paul Thompson <>
Date: Tue Oct 12 16:35:06 2004

On Tue, 12 Oct 2004, Gene Buckle wrote:

> I may (and I emphisize _may_) be getting a VAX 6000/610 for the cost of
> shipping it. Is there a SCSI adapter available for this machine? I'd
> like to avoid running RA series drives if I can avoid it.

Other options:
If it has CI you can use a HSJ CI -> SCSI controller
If it has DSSI you can use HSD DSSI -> SCSI controller

I have observed these for reasonable prices on Ebay.
The CI solution you would need a star coupler as well, if you don't have
one, which also can be had for small $ but are a pain to ship as they are
mostly air in a heavy metal cabinet.
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