Commodore 1280?

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Date: Wed Oct 13 13:45:57 2004

Hmmm, 128D of course is a legit model, which was just a 128 with a 1571
disk drive built in, and the keyboard became separate. If you do a Google
image search I'm sure you can find a pic of the 128D --- it looks much
like the original Amiga, although it has the 5 1/4" floppy drive (on the
front right) and a twist latch to enggage the drive. I'm wondering if he
was using a cp/m program for dental records, etc.???

Gary Hildebrand
St. Joseph, MO

> Hi,
>>From Colima Mexico. I am down at my dentist and around the corner is a
>> computer repair shop. On the top shelf is a dirty Commodore 1280 sitting
>> on its side. (Or might it be a 128D?, I seem to remember something like
>> that)
> What is it? Is it of any interest, enough for me to check it out and try
> to bring it home on the airplane.
> Paxton
> Astoria, Oregon near where St. Helens is erupting
> now in
> Colima Mexico where Volcan Colima is erupting.
> Fun times.
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