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Hmmm, I'm going to Connecticut next weekend. Suppose it will fit in my Miata?

 Evan :)

--- "David V. Corbin" <dvcorbin_at_optonline.net> wrote:

> \
> Looks like I may be doing a rescue of the following in Eastern Conn....
> It is a VAX 6000/610.
> 2 cabinets, approx 1000 lbs total weight.
> 2 CPU
> CMD Technologies DSSI controller
> ethernet capable
> comes with up to a dozen 2 gig drives( formatted)
> covers for the empty drive bays
> pretty sure that it is 208 volt single phase, although the drive cabinet has
> a 120v 30 amp twist lock connector on the cable. I dont know if this plugs
> into the CPU cabinets PSU or what.
> VMS docs and manuals
> The bad news, if that I try to keep it, I will lose the wife. Without
> debating the merits of this trade, let me just say that it will not be good
> financially <grin>
> So....What do I do?????

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