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                    Vintage Computer Festival 7.0
           Saturday, November 6 through Sunday, November 7
                       Computer History Museum
                      Mountain VIiew, California

Since the last VCF, the trials and tribulations of daily life made
their inevitability painfully attendant: bills came due, accidents
happened, bad days at the office were had, arguments broke out, and
the morning paper was thrown into the sprinklers yet again. Woe is
us! But lo, a bright and shining beacon of nerdilicious salvation is
on the horizon and draws nigh. The Vintage Computer Festival returns!

Vintage Computer Festival 7.0 is right around the corner, taking place
on November 6-7 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View in
(still) sunny California. Flights are cheap and so is the admission,
so you have little excuse to stay home cramped behind your computer
trying in vain to craft that perfect Google search term. Just put all
that nonsense behind you and join us for some fanatical Festival

We are honored to once again have the Computer History Museum as our

And as always, we bring you yet another wonderful line-up of speakers,
exhibitors, and special events, including a 30th anniversary retro-
spective of Maze War, the original "first-person shooter" videogame,
plus so much more!

In fact, we're planning so much for this year's event, it might
possibly be even too much! Some of it we can't even mention yet
because we're still in the middle of planning it. So come on out and
watch us put on a gargantuan geek gala guaranteed to gasify your gall
bladder...either that or watch us crash and burn in spectacular style.
Either way, it's sure to be entertaining!

Exhibitors Wanted!!!

One of the best ways to enjoy the VCF is by participating directly.
Be an exhibitor! As an exhibitor, you get to be a part of all the
behind-the-scenes action. Plus you get a chance to show off your
favorite computer and perhaps even win an award for an outstanding
exhibit. The Best of Show award includes as a prize the Replica 1,
a software compatible re-creation of the legendary Apple-1 computer,
courtesy of its creator, Vince Briel. So don't delay, sign up today!

More information about Vince Briel's Replica 1 can be found on his

We've Got Lodging!

For out of town guests, the VCF has arranged a hotel room block at the
Residence Inn Palto Alto Mountain View, located within 3 miles of the
Computer History Museum and featuing, among other fine amenities, an
on-demand shuttle service between the Inn and the Computer History
Museum. The special VCF rate is US$79 per night. Reservations must
be made by October 15 to take advantange of this terrific rate so do
not delay! Full details are available here:

Computer History Galore!

The VCF speaker schedule has moved back to a "track" style this year.
The talks are assembled into themes for the most part. We've got
another terrific line-up! Check it out:

   Saturday, November 6

   Track 01

   Time Topic Speaker
   ------- ------------------------------------- -------------------
   10:00am Using Vintage Computers in Forensics Fred Cohen
   11:00am Documenting the BBS Jason Scott
   12:00pm The Art of Textmode Christian Wirth
    1:00pm History of FidoNet Tom Jennings

   Track 10

   Time Topic Speaker
   ------- ------------------------------------- -------------------
   11:30am Confessions of an Entrepreneur Dr. Robert Suding
   12:30pm VCF Ramblings Sellam Ismail
    1:00pm Computer History Museum Update CHM Staff

   Sunday, November 7

   Track 01

   Time Topic Speaker
   ------- ------------------------------------- ------------------
   10:00am Early IBM History John Sailors
   11:00am The IBM 360 Evolution and Revolution Jerome Svigals
   12:00pm Early Microprocessor Design Nick Tredennick
    1:00pm Maze War Retrospective Panel

   Track 10

   Time Topic Speaker
   ------- ------------------------------------- -------------------
   10:30am Things You May Not Know... Evan Koblentz
   11:30am Tipping Sacred Cows Tom Jennings
   12:30am The Art of Vintage Computers Christine Finn
    1:30pm Neo-Retro: The XGameStation Andre LaMothe

More information on the VCF 7.0 speakers can be found here:

BBS Documentary Screening

Jason Scott, proprietor of Internet's largest
collection of historic textfiles--has completed work on his BBS
documentary. "BBS: The Documentary" spans across seven separate films
which cover every aspect of the world of bulletin board systems,
tracing the history of the BBS as well as the historic figures that
made it a distinctly unique mode of digital communication. This will
be the first public screening of the documentary, and audience input
from VCF attendees will determine the final cut of the film series.
More information on the screening can be found here:

Computer History Museum Tours

As always, the Computer History Museum's terrific staff will be giving
VCF attendees tours of the Museum's fantastic collection. Tours are
held in the afternoon and run every half an hour. Tour information is
available here:

Buy, Sell and Trade at the VCF Marketplace

As always, one of the most exciting aspects of the VCF is the
Marketplace, where you can find a large and varied assortment of some
of the most fantastical old computer thingies anywhere. Find that odd
part you've been seeking out for your collection, then touch, smell,
even taste it if you like, before haggling out a deal. There is
simply no better place to buy and sell vintage computers than at the
VCF Marketplace. Vendor booths are still available. For more
information on selling at VCF 7.0, please visit:

The VCF 7.0 BBS is Live!

Communicate with fellow VCF 7.0 attendees on the VCF 7.0 BBS! Set up
trades and carpools, talk about exhibiting, and discuss generally
anything about the upcoming Festival:

So Much More!

Complete information about VCF 7.0, including the speaker schedule and
exhibit roster, as well as lodging information and driving directions,
can be found on the VCF 7.0 web pages:

Keep in mind that the VCF will from now on be held during the first
weekend in November.


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