[Simh] Request for Reccomendations - Telnet

From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_30below.com>
Date: Fri Oct 15 11:08:42 2004

Rumor has it that Paul Koning may have mentioned these words:
> >>>>> "Ron" == Ron Hudson <ron.hudson_at_sbcglobal.net> writes:
> Ron> Well, Kermit did the same thing as the two terminal
> Ron> programs.. Even though they say they are vt100 compatible, they
> Ron> still spew garbage and don't make the proper screen with
> Ron> vt50dpy... however vt50dpy running on a serial port on the host
> Ron> system works fine.. I just want to work at that terminal.
> Ron> what's funny is the terminal emulators work fine with teco/vt. I
> Ron> suppose vt50dpy makes more use of the terminal control codes..
>Chances are that VT50DPY (given its name) uses VT52 escape sequence,
>not ANSI escape sequences. It seems likely that a lot of terminal
>emulators do ANSI pretty well, but VT52 not well at all.

Why not just hook up your handy-dandy ever-trusty Tandy Model 100/102 or
200 laptop? IIRC, It used VT52 as the serial protocol for it's screen...
;-) You do have one, right? ;^>

Just set the screen parameters to 40x8 or 40x16 respectively, and 600 or
1200 bps (again, respectively; scrolling was a bear on the Tandys and could
cause lost characters -- altho there are patches available on
www.club100.org that could improve the problem and attain you 9600bps,
IIRC. The Tandy 200 was better than the 100/102.) and hop into TELCOM.

Might need a little tweaking, but it should work...

Roger "Merch" Merchberger

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