Commodore PET 4032 problem (4 beeps)

From: Stan Sieler <>
Date: Wed Oct 6 19:11:31 2004

> The 4032 and 8032 normally give a "beep series", which
> might be interpreted as "four beeps" - is it sort of one
> long continuous beep that warbles four times, or is it
> four distinct beeps?

The former.
> If the former, then it's normal, if the latter, then I

darn :)

> First, make sure the monitor is working (There's a
> brightness control on the back which may have been

We played with that control ... no change (i.e., nothing
visible of any kind on the monitor).

thanks, BTW!

(I picked this up at a local ham/computer swapmeet this weekend,
intending to pass it on to someone at the Vintage Computer Festival.)


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