Diversified Numeric Applications (DNA)

From: Mark or Tami Ford <fordms_at_gte.net>
Date: Sat Oct 9 11:11:51 2004

Greetings. I have a Diversified Numeric Applications
MED16/Multiprocessor computer built in 1971, I think. It is a 16-bit
machine with 16k of core memory, a 64track magnetic drum, switch
console, analog input module, a serial MUX, paper tape reader. I used
to have a removeable disk pack unit and drum printer, but they are gone.
I do have an engineering manual with schematics, and a book of
diagnostic program listings. I've had to 'repackage' the major
components into a different 19" rack. The CPU, MUX, and DISC controller
bays are wire-wrapped 9000-series TTL logic. It's very cool. I'd be
interested in any information about this machine, and hopefully anyone
else who has one. fordms_at_gte.net
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