Structured design SD 20

From: Fred Zeiher <>
Date: Tue Oct 12 20:22:53 2004

Just roaming around the internet and ran across your thread----

Structured Design:

I have an SD 20/24 s/n 2197 ------ bought it new at my old company in 1986, I believe--
It has been in a locker for about 15 years----and yeah, no software that I could find, as of late
--my company is "gone", but I have the unit----
Works??? on powerup--busy light for a few milliseconds and then a green pass light-----
it hasnt been abused---or even used, in years---i.e."good shape"

24 pin ZIF socket, --you guys are talking about a 20 pin unit, I think?---
3 buttons ---verify, load , program
3 LED's busy, fail, pass

We did lots of GAL's on it---- 20V10 series, I have original GAL handbook, from Lattice also

we started doing hundreds of 16L8's and such from MMI, as well, back in 1986,7,8 and then went to the GAL's when they became "the thing"---

The hardware design changes were killing us in the early project phase--we burnt up 200 at a time with a particular minor hardware rev.

and I also have

*** 18 "magnetic wafers" --- for the drive, in the unit


*** "original" PALASM 4 (from AMD) on 5 floppys, version 1.1a-- I checked, and all read "a directory structure" ---2 thru 5 are all ZIP files

and a pile of PAL's,GALS, EPLD's which were from various sources---a lot of optical reprogrammable---samsung
some bigger than 24 pins, etc--I believe none are programmed, but I can't assure myself a few of the non-opticals are not used---
and, so they may not all apply to this programmer, obviously greater than 24 pins in some cases----

anyone interested?

Brand spanking new (old stock)----- still in the box, in the plastic bag:

Spectronics Spectroline PE-14T UV EPROM eraser

 with the slideout tray for devices
"size of a carton of cigarettes"
Looks like it was never turned on---so I did
--timer 1 hour -----works,
UV lamp ------works,
Pull out drawer, UV turns off----works?
no holes in the black foam pad--couldnt have been used
and the original tech bulletin which tells you info on use of unit---energies of erasure, etc
we bought 2 in 1986 and sent the second one (this one) into the stock room, as a spare, and I found it in cleaning the shelves when we shut the doors-in 2001----

Also ,

B+C Microsystems 1409-PL.8 EPROM Programmer--open frameunit----- version 10 firmware ---------40 and 28 pin ZIF sockets
version 10.0 on 5 1/4 floppy for DOS and version 3.2 on 3 1/2 for mac drivers
Program light blinks 4 times on powerup--i.e. passes selftest----
And "The Book"--technical manual for the unit--build info--schematics
It also does all those 87xx smart controllers
and , of course, 2716--->27011

See BYTE magazine article MAY 1986, page 279 for info

and again, a pile of EPROMS with windows-----25,7----> 16, 32, 64, 256, 512, 1024

value--->???? I dont know--make me an offer?
Im a heavy duty Test Equipment designer guy, at this point----

excuse me for rambling-- any interest send me an email to:
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