FS: PDP-9 brochure

From: O. Sharp <ohh_at_drizzle.com>
Date: Sat Oct 16 09:08:48 2004

Charles wrote thus:

> I was digging through some old papers and came across a 48-page
> advertising brochure for the PDP-9, in great condition except it's
> slightly "buckled" from sitting sideways in the box. It's called
> "PDP-9, The Serious Computer" dated 11/67. I can email pictures.
> Anyone interested? I have no idea if it's worth anything to anyone
> but if so I'd at least like to break even on the postage ;)

Well, I'm interested; I don't know that much about the -9s, and late-'60s
DECs are the ones I'm most curious about. I also suspect I'm not the only
one who'd be interested. :)

If nobody else with a greater interest appears, I'd throw $10.00 your way
for it. More to the point, though, would whoever ends up with it be
willing to scan it and post a copy to Bitsavers for the rest of us? (And
yes, I would.)

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