PDP 11/70: MK11 memory crate, M9312 cards, and wiring...

From: M Thompson <m_thompson_at_ids.net>
Date: Sat Oct 16 08:22:18 2004

>Heh - I was staring at DEC engineering drawings for hours and it was
>giving me a headache! I need to look at all the info for the memory
>crate though as the CPU still isn't happy (the run lamp's permanently on
>and we can't halt the CPU or toggle any data in from the front panel).
>All cards look to be OK in the CPU though, but I suspect there may be a
>problem with the memory...

I have seen the same problem with 11/34 systems when the bus grant and
interrupt daisy-chain was broken in the backplane. Are there any empty
Unibus slots? Did you check that the wire-wrap jumper is in place in the
non-DMA device slots?

Michael Thompson
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