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From: Jim Isbell <>
Date: Sat Oct 16 19:29:40 2004

I have been ready for 20 years to dump "Uncle Bill" but every time I
try to switch to Linux I run into problems that seem insurmountable.

Recently I have been looking at the Linspire line of products...Lindows
in particular. It looks like what I need, BUT....just as always, when I
ask about compatibility with the various applications that I now run
under XP I get the same run-around. "Get it and try with Wine and see
if it works." If I have to get drunk first, I am not interested...#8-)

I can't do that. There are programs I need and I cannot just take a
chance that "maybe it will work" My main concerns are Adobe PDF
creator, Adobe Photo Shop, Netscape, and particularly Easy Office 2001
which contains all my data in Easy Spreadsheet files that are not
compatible with Excel (even though they are supposed to be).

I don't want to have to go out and buy an all new set of apps. That
makes the relatively low price of Lindows immaterial. And besides, all
my files would likely be incompatible so I lose all my old data unless I
keep two machines. Also, I use Netscape for browser and E Mail and I
have tons of mail files and bookmarks that I would have to figure out
how to get over to Lindows...Unless Netscape will run under Lindows. ????

I know there are free apps that can do word processing and spreadsheets
and photo processing, but they appear to be "stripped down" versions.

I can network the old and new computers ( I already have the LAN in
operation with two MS OS computers on it) then I could download all my
files and programs into the new computer....IF I COULD BE SURE that they
would work with the Lindows OS. Spending $49 to try what might be a
failure is NOT an option.

Does anyone have any suggestions other than buy it and hope it works?
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