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From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sat Oct 16 22:04:22 2004

>Actually it sounds like Easy Office 2001 is the one crimping your
>conversion. There are plenty of Linux tools that will do what Adobe
>Photoshop does, if it doesn't run in the emulators. Same for PDF file
>creation and manipulation.
>The Netscape mail files will convert over pretty easily. I've done that
>several times myself for various people.

I agree that the problem sounds like Easy Office (I've never even
heard of it). However, I'd just like to point out that no matter
what certain groups might claim, GIMP is not an alternative for
Photoshop. If it is a legitimate alternative for someone then they
really shouldn't be using Photoshop in the first place.

If Photoshop is a serious requirement, there are only two options,
Mac OS X, or WinXP. I'm guessing the Easy Office doc's would be
unreadable on the Mac.


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