LaserJet IIISi reassembly

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Sun Oct 17 04:09:53 2004

Some of you may recall that back in early September I wrote about an HP
LaserJet IIISi that I disassembled and repaired after a capacitor

Well, even though I got the printer working again, I made a mistake.
Just about the time I got it working again, I left on a month-long trip
around the continent. (A few of you contacted me when I said I'd be
traveling around. I didn't actually end up rendezvousing with any of
you, and I apologize for it - I didn't realize how short of time I'd
end up being. A month-long trip sounds like a lot, but it ends up
being awfully short when there are five people/places to be visited,
and some of the trips in between are multi-day trips.)

Now, I want to put the printer back together, and there's the mistake:
I didn't leave notes to myself on how it came apart and thus how it
went back together. Would any of you happen to have a service manual
that could guide me? I could probably figure it out eventually, but if
I can save myself annoying mistakes, I'd like to.

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