Linux OS

From: Jim Isbell <>
Date: Sun Oct 17 09:23:36 2004

Jules Richardson wrote:

>Note that Wine will run on any Linux distribution (I use Slackware here,
>but I wouldn't recommend it for someone used to Windows as nearly all of
>the configuration is command line)
Actually I am used to command line. I have been programming since 1959
when I worked in machine language on the IBM 7070. I write in 6
languages. And was thouraly pissed off at Bill Gates when he introduced
Windows just when I was quite used to TRSDOS and RDOS. Of course, it
was an improvement, but then I bitched about having to transition from a
stick airplane to a yoke airplane. Couldnt figure out how any one could
fly without a stick.

Thanks for the comments.

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