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From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Sun Oct 17 15:24:55 2004

> What are the other five? :-)

Its just a number I pulled out of the air. We have at least two web based
forums, and a.f.c., and I suppose the dead-ish RCS list.
> I can sympathise with Jim, though. Faced with a new challenge, it's
> often a lot easier to ask for opinions amongst a smaller group (where
> you know there are people capable of helping, even if it's not strictly
> on-topic) rather than asking in the more traditional mainstream places
> where your question just gets drowned out.
> No harm done I reckon

This is what bugs me. What about plain old manners? Good sense? How about
all of the people on the list that might be annoyed at modern Linux and
Windows (or whatever) talk? I can't be the only one here.

I don't mind a little OT chat on the cctalk list - it doesn't hurt for the
most part. My objection is that there are probably hundreds of forums that
are better suited for Linux talk. Why post here, when it will annoy some

William Donzelli
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