VCF 7.0 made Slashdot this morning..

From: Antonio Carlini <>
Date: Mon Oct 18 13:42:33 2004

> VCF 7 made the front page of Slashdot this morning..
> =137&tid=185&tid=1

Well that's two classiccmp related /. postings, one right
after the other then:,7204,11040629%5E15322%5E%5Enb

That will undoubtedly wrap horribly. Basically the
British Library is looking to preserve people's email.
(Important people that is, not you and me).

They have a bunch already that they cannot read as they
do not have the appropriate machinery. They seem to
understand the problem of not only archiving the data
but also that they need to do something to try to ensure
that they can actually read the stuff a few years from now.


Antonio Carlini
Received on Mon Oct 18 2004 - 13:42:33 BST

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