Apple Mac XL/Lisa 2

From: Adrian Graham <>
Date: Tue Oct 19 13:31:41 2004


Just collected a Mac XL (Lisa 2/10) that annoyingly was upgraded from a Lisa
1 then the back and top panels were stolen at a trade fair! This means I've
got Lisa 1 internals (R41 and R47 cut from the IO board, new ROMs etc),
keyboard, mouse but no twiggys or front panel, AND it has the screen kit
fitted. Oh, no widget either....the hard drive is a Seagate ST225 connected
to a parallel card in one of the 3 slots.

Anyone know if this kit is reversible? Anyone have any spare twiggys? :o)
This is as close as I'm going to get to a real Lisa 1 for the forseeable

I also got Lisa 7/7 V3 docs and floppies, Macworks Plus box and floppies,
Lisa screws/fixings kit and a Stylewriter II with a Localtalk card fitted.

I haven't dared power it up yet! The Lisa is one of those beasts that's all
or nothing 'cos the PSU does more than convert 240V to 5 and 12 volts.

So, to recap, I'd like to get my paws on the following:

2 twiggys (possibly with the LisaLite board)
Lisa 1 front panel, top panel and back cover
Lisa 7/7 on twiggys (at least I know THAT's available)
the moon on a stick
a winning lottery ticket


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