Classic OS's - EduSystem

From: Unibus <>
Date: Tue Oct 19 05:59:07 2004

> Thus wrote
> > Which reminds me there used to be a series of "EduSystems" for the PDP-8
> > as I recall. -25, -30, etc. The one I used was TU-55/-56 based, though
> > one or more might well have been disk-based. Have any of these been
> > recovered?
> Hmmm. Somewhere around here [*] I've got paper tapes of Edu-20 and
> Edu-20-C, both BASIC multiuser systems for 8K+ PDP-8s. They were both for
> paper-tape-only systems, say schools that could only afford the basic 8K
> machine and a few Teletypes. (The Edu-20-C was basically an Edu-20 system
> which could use Edu-25 commands.)

Seem to remember RMIT's EduSystem used mark-sense cards as the Tech
College couldn't afford the the teletype/papertape configuration. Was
there a -15 version?

Garry Page
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